American Credit® Vendor Financing Program

Leveraging American Credit’s fully-digital fintech lending platform. Help your client access fast, simple, and flexible equipment financing. Sell more, sell faster, and sell smarter. Get Started

American Credit Vendor Financing

Power and Advantage

American Credit Vendor Financing Fully Digital

The Bank in your pocket!

Experience the power & competitive advantage of fully digital in-house financing.

• Paperless
• Fully-digital
• Flexible payment options
• Fast credit decisions
• Financing A - C credit

American Credit Vendor Financing Think Different American Credit Vendor Financing Think Different

Successful companies think different

  • Increase sales and profits.
    An in-house financing partnership customized for your business and the needs of your clients.
  • Partnership Power
    Partnering with us, gives you the financing options your customers demand without the associated challenges and hassles.
  • Better client relationships and retention.
    We help you sell more, smarter, and faster with our technology and transparency.

Benefits to vendors

American Credit Vendor Benefits Icon 1

Offer your customers the convenience of one-stop-shopping with American Credit’s all-inclusive 100% equipment financing (A to C Credit).

American Credit Vendor Benefits Icon 2

Get paid up front & sell at full price. No more discounting to cut into your margins. Terms to 72 months with rates starting at 6%.

American Credit Vendor Benefits Icon 3

Hassle-free application only, approvals to $350,000.
Fully digital same-day approval & electronic 2-day funding's.

American Credit Vendor Benefits Icon 4

We finance all costs associated with equipment purchase (delivery to maintenance, etc.).

American Credit Vendor Benefits Icon 5

Customized sales and marketing support & free training for your staff.

American Credit Vendor Financing Customized Marketing

Customized Marketing Programs

    We create tailored landing pages on the American Credit website that offer financing promotions to your prospects based on their unique needs.
  • Email Marketing
    American Credit will help you with email marketing and messaging that will get a better response from your prospects.
    We may be able to expand your reach with email marketing ideas and concepts that will engage prospects.
  • Co-branded Landing Pages
    We create tailored landing pages on our website that offer financing promotions to your prospects based on their unique needs.
  • Advertising Flyers / Datasheets
    We design co-branded flyers or datasheets in PDF format for your use in turning prospects into sales



Your client completes our online application


Qualified client receives approval with multiple options


Client chooses the payment they want


Client signs electronic contract with us, provides proof of ownership, company status, and photo ID


You, the vendor, receive the payment, client takes delivery

Next Steps

Understanding your business and clients

Every client is different with a unique set of needs. First step is to get a holistic understanding of you, your business, and your clients.

Zoom call or in
person meeting

After you complete our new partner questionaire, we meet internally with our vendor team to put together a custom proposal tailored to your business and clients.

Vendor Approval

After we get your company cleared as an approved vendor, we can begin the build out.

We can add you to our website and vice versa, so clients have a way to begin the online application.

Training &

We will conduct a training session for your staff and sales team to ensure we are on the same page. As important we add an additional session where we answer any and all questions your company have.

Submissions and

Now we are at the fun part where we can start delivering the bottom line impact of helping you increase sales, profits, and take your business to the ext level.


American Credit Financing Widget

Financing Widget

Put our Financing Widget on your website that allows your customers and website visitors to learn about their financing options and to easily apply for financing from your website.

American Credit Payment Calculator Widget

Payment Calculator

Easily install our payment calculator widget on your website. It gives your prospects and website visitors the opportunity to get estimated payments for financing.

American Credit Apple Mobile Payment Calculator

Apple Mobile Payment Calculator

Send prospects to our mobile app to get estimated monthly financing payments.



Include a monthly
payment on every
equipment quote


Sell the monthly
payment, not the
equipment price


It’s easier to justify
productivity gains or
cost savings with a
monthly payment

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